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Master Resources Counseling Center, located in Uptown Square in Murfreesboro, is a full service Christian Counseling Center.  The staff of Master Resources Counseling Center is both professionally licensed therapists and Christian oriented caring counselors.

Master Resources is a private Christian counseling center dedicated to helping individuals overcome crippling personal problems and families find ways to healing.  Clients are assured confidentiality both protected by professional ethical principles and federal laws.  The staff is highly trained licensed, experienced professional counselors who value each person.  The focus of each counseling session is to focus on the whole person, the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of each personís life.

Dr. Patsy Highland, owner and lead counselor, is recognized as a skillful and caring counselor, a popular speaker and workshop leader and a masterful teacher and leader in her church.  Patsy is a licensed professional counselor and mental health provider.  She has earned a Bachelor, Master and PhD in counseling and is the author of the book Counseling 101, A Practical Guide for Ministers.  The book is available on Amazon.com.

The staff of Master Resources Counseling Center has all earned a masterís degree in some counseling related focus and has qualified as Licensed Professional Counselors.  The current staff is composed of Dr. Highland, two other licensed counselors and an administrative assistant. 

Dr. Patsy Highland is available to speak or conduct workshops/seminars.  Her recent opportunities addressed marriage and family, step-family/blended family and single/single again issues.

Call 615-895-0787 or 800-543-4914 or go to www.mripjh@aol.com for additional information and to make an appointment.

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