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Master Resources Counseling Center provides help in individual and family counseling for a large number of lifeís challenges.

Meeting Personal Needs 


Pre-Marital Counseling:  Helping couples begin well in marriage; exploring the key issues in building a strong marriage.


Marriage Conflict:  No marriage is free of conflict, but serious issues can be managed with the help of a caring counselor.


Divorce Recovery:  Wounds can heal and life can be restructured.  An experienced counselor can make this process easier and briefer.


Depression/Anxiety:  When depression or anxiety disrupts ordinary life, professional help is essential to overcoming these obstacles.


Grief Recovery:  Whether grief from death of a loved one, career changes, damaged relationships, or disruptions of life, help is found in short-term counseling.


Womenís Issues:  Emotional stress caused by physical or mental changes can be worked through with the help of counseling.


Personal Issues:  Help with the understanding of issues, and guidance in developing life strategies to overcome personal obstacles.

Professionally Trained Christian Life Coaches


What is Christian Life Coaching?

Two staff members of Master Resources Counseling Center are professionally trained Life Coaches who work with persons to:

  • Discover, clarify and align a personís life with what that person wants to achieve
  • Encourages a person in individual self-discovery
  • Elicit person-centered strategies and solutions
  • Hold a person responsible and accountable

The life coach honors the person as the expert of his/her life and work, believing that every person seeking coaching is creative, resourceful and whole.  Life coaching develops character, life skills, spiritual pathways and the embracing of new life transforming truths.


Who Needs Christian Life Coaches?

Christian life coaching seeks to move persons forward in their personal lives.

  • Persons completing personal counseling and desiring to continue moving forward

  • Persons faced with major decisions such as career changes or significant personal decisions
  • Persons shaping personal and professional goals, strategies and values
  • Persons desiring to raise the level of their professional and/or personal lives

What you can expect from Christian Life Coaching:

  • Guidance in developing personal goals

  • Assist in identifying the needs that produce negative outcomes
  • Understand the value of eliminating negative tolerances
  • Encourage identifying and living from their values
  • Help set standards and boundaries that enhance life


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