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Master Resources Church Consulting Service

bullet Capital Stewardship Campaigns for Building Program or Debt Liquidation
  • With on-site consultant service
  • With distant directed consultant
bullet Ministry Budget Expansion Growth
  • With on-site consultant service
  • With distant-directed consultant
bullet Simple Church Re-structuring Process
  • Congregational design strategy to develop discipleship and church growth

Capital Stewardship Campaigns

Master Resources staff consultants have guided more than 200 churches in raising significant funds for new buildings, renovations and debt liquidation. Formed in 1990 to serve growing churches in the Southeast, Master Resources has developed effective, creative and well-received approaches that churches have successfully used to acquire the financial resources needed for capital needs. The objective of Master Resources is first to grow churches, not just build buildings. Specifically, every campaign is designed to:

  • Assist a church fulfill it’s God-given vision

  • Create understanding of basic Bible support for the campaign through “40 Days of Preparation.”

  • Foster an atmosphere of enthusiasm and excitement for attaining the vision

  • Secure the maximum financial support for achieving the vision

Pursuit of these goals in churches produces Christian growth for individuals and significant growth for the church.

Master Resources provides campaign leaders with both on-site consultants and distant-directed options.

Ministry Budget Expansion Strategies

The Ministry Budget provides the funds for the basic ministries and mission causes of the church. Growth fostered in the ministry budget will raise the level of ministry for the church that is repeatable for several years. The investment of the time, effort and cost provides each member the opportunity to understand the church’s ministries and rethink their level of participation in giving.

The “40 Days of Preparation” plan provides the opportunity to educate members in Biblical stewardship, understand the use of financial resources in ministry activities and prayerfully consider a new level of giving for the coming year. This budget expansion approach avoids the distractions of hype-type programs or guilt-driven appeals.

Simple Church Restructuring Process

Simple Church Restructuring Process is based on the book, Simple Church by Thom S. Rainer and Eric Geiger, which guides a church to apply the principle in the book in a local existing church.

A vast majority of churches are plateaued or drifting downward, encumbered by traditional practices and programs. While the principles of Simple Church are most easily adapted by new churches or growing churches that adapt easily to change, many existing churches can be transformed through the restructuring process of Simple Church.

Master Resource’s consultants are helping traditional churches restructure and plateau churches revitalize.

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